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Additional details on the new Gmail Early Adopter Program

Here are additional details on the EAP for the new Gmail, including how to opt in, the related Admin console settings, and the implications of certain features. We encourage you to read the “With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business” section above before reading the information below.


Opting in to the new Gmail EAP


There’s no need to sign up for the new Gmail EAP; you can simply turn it on in the Admin console. You can enable the new Gmail EAP for your entire domain or for specific organizational units (OUs) only. Please note that it may take up to a day for the setting to appear in your Admin console.


new Gmail

Admin console settings to enable and disable the new Gmail EAP


Trying the new Gmail


After you’ve enabled the new Gmail EAP for your organization, your users will have the option to turn it on individually in their Gmail settings.


How to switch to new Gmail

Option in Gmail settings to try the new Gmail


If they choose to, your users can continue to use the classic version of Gmail instead of the new UI. When we launch the new Gmail to general availability, you’ll have the option to force your users into the new UI. Note that if a user tries the new Gmail and wants to switch back, he or she can do so from the Gmail settings menu.


How to switch back to classic Gmail

Option in Gmail settings to go back to classic Gmail


Native offline support in Gmail


We previously announced that we’re moving Chrome apps, like Gmail Offline, to the web. As part of this effort, we’ll introduce native offline support to EAP end users in the coming weeks. We’ll follow up with an announcement on the G Suite Updates blog when the feature becomes available.


Native offline support will only be available to domains and users who’ve opted in to the new Gmail. At launch, it will be off by default for those domains, and admins will need to turn it on before it becomes available to their users. Please monitor the G Suite Updates blog for more information.


Contact cards


We recently launched new cards that surface user profile information when people need it most, right inside G Suite apps. These cards will appear in the new Gmail, so we recommend uploading relevant information about your users to make the cards as useful as possible. For step-by-step instructions on how to populate these details, please visit the Help Center.

Contact card in G Suite

An example of a card that surfaces profile information

Gmail Labs


The new Gmail will include a number of enterprise-friendly features that exist only as Gmail Labs in the classic UI. For example, you’ll see canned responses, multiple inboxes, preview pane, and more as permanent features in the new Gmail. Users will be able to access these features from the Advanced tab in their settings.


preview pane in Gmail

Preview pane in the new Gmail


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