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Additional details on new macro recorder and formatting options in Google Sheets

In our above post “Think macro: record actions in Google Sheets to skip repetitive work,” we provided an overview of some of the ways we’re making Google Sheets better for business. This included several new feature announcements. Below are some more specific feature and rollout information that may be useful to G Suite admins.


Record macros in Sheets


To help save your team time when completing repetitive tasks, you can record macros in Sheets. When you record a macro, it’s saved as an Apps Script that you can run in the cloud whenever you need to perform the task. You can also edit the script to change it, or import existing Apps Scripts as new macros. See the above post for more details, or the Help Center for the specific how-tos.


Group rows and columns in a spreadsheet


There’s a new option to group rows or columns in Sheets. This makes it easier to collapse or expand several rows and columns at once to customize your view. See the Help Center for more on how to manage rows, columns, and cells.


Google sheets


Add checkboxes to a list in Sheets


You can turn a list of items into a checklist with the new checkbox feature. See the Help Center to learn how to add and use checkboxes.


Google sheets checkbox


Improved date-based pivot tables


We’re making it easier to work with dates in pivot tables by adding an option to create groupings by time and date, including hour, day, month, quarter, year, and more. See the Help Center to learn how to add and use pivot tables.


Pivot table


Better spreadsheet printing


We’re adding new features to make it easier to print spreadsheets. Specifically, you can specify custom paper sizes and set custom page breaks. This makes it easier to get the right content from a spreadsheet on a printed page. See the Help Center for more about how to print from Google Sheets.


Google sheets


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