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Admin console tools to better manage Calendar events of former employees

What’s new: Managing the ownership of a former employee’s calendar events and ensuring that calendar resources don’t remain booked by their stale events are challenging tasks for admins. When an employee leaves an organization, you can either delete their account or suspend it for a certain amount of time before deleting it.


With this launch, we introduced a new set of tools to better assist admins with managing former employees’ calendar events, which will help you streamline your company’s employee exit workflows.


When you delete a user, you can choose to transfer their future events to a new owner and optionally, release the resources that these events occupy. This ensures continuity of the scheduled events with an active employee who can continue managing them. You can change ownership of an employee’s events via the user deletion flow, by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data, or via the Data Transfer API.



If you choose not to transfer events upon user deletion, it is recommended that you opt in to have Calendar automatically cancel future events for all deleted employees, 21 days after the deletion. This will ensure that no unmanaged future events remain in the calendars of guests and resources. To opt in for automatic cancellation, navigate to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data.


At any other time (e.g. after a user’s suspension), you can manually initiate event transfer, event cancellation or resource release of future events, by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data.



Please note, this service is available to Super Admins and to admins who have the Data Transfer privilege, and is being rolled out gradually.


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