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G Suite Newsletter June 2018

After launching the new Gmail interface, Google has quickly updated many new features to support users, especially Gmail offline - users can rest assured to work anywhere, even if there is no connection. Internet. Besides, there are extremely useful features of the new version of Google Sites, Team Drive and the meeting scheduling tool on Calendar.


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Icon Work offline with Gmail new version

Google has always promised that you can access information and work from anywhere, but an Internet connection is not always available. The good thing is: with the new version of Gmail, you can work offline, without worrying about work… See more


Icon Move all traditional Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

In March 2017, Google launched Hangouts Meet – a new generation video conferencing solution for businesses. After receiving positive feedback from the first customers to use Meet, starting on May 29, Hangouts Meet was included in Google… See more


Icon The new Google Sites: Copy and automatic conversion tools

Google allows you to duplicate a previously created site in the new version of Google Sites. Sometimes, you want to work on a new website, but you don't want to start from scratch… See more


Icon Gmail will now prompt you to reply to emails

When your inbox is full of emails, you will inevitably miss some work. Fortunately, the new version of Gmail can help you. Gmail will now "push" users to reply to emails they may have missed... See more


Icon New updates in the Google Drive interface

Google made some updates to the Google Drive web interface. The features are unchanged, but some icons and tool buttons will be renewed, and in addition to a series of visual tweaks… See more


Icon Extract all G Suite data with just one operation

Google introduces data export, a new feature that makes it easy to securely export and download backups of your data to your computer from G Suite services…. See more


Icon Security and control tools built specifically for Team Drives

This March, Google announced several features to help G Suite users protect themselves. One of those features is a new control that helps users protect super-sensitive content in Team Drive... See more


Icon Easier, Faster and Safer Moderation Administration

Admin quarantine helps you prevent spam, minimize data loss, and protect confidential information. G Suite admins can set up and manage moderation policies to redirect potentially risky emails before... See more


Icon Add comments when changing meeting information on Calendar

Recently, Google has added a new feature on Google Calendar to help exchange information whenever there is a change in meeting details (time, location, …). For example, every time you leave your calendar or cancel a pre-scheduled meeting... See more

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