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Google Newsletter August 2017

Google is updating more and more new features that not only help users share data more securely, work together more conveniently and quickly, but also contribute to build organizational culture in the current digital era.



Icon Send and receive chat messages in Hangouts Meet

The most requested feature on Hangouts Meet is here. Now everyone in the meeting can send chat messages, Hangouts Meet links in real time without interruption…See more


Icon Improved sharing with third parties on Google Drive

Google understands that you must often work with third parties, such as suppliers or customers. Sharing files and data with partners is now faster, simpler and more secure, even with people who…See more


Icon Smarter Google Forms saves you time

In this update, Google Forms has added new features and uses machine learning. Tasks such as event planning, information gathering, customer feedback, etc.See more


Icon Change default location of apps in Google app launcher

The app launcher section in the Google bar helps users quickly access Google applications such as Drive, Gmail, Calendar. You can also easily customize the launcher…See more


Icon Manage access to third-party apps with G Suite's new security controls

Protecting your most sensitive business information is always a challenge. G Suite helps keep information secure in a few ways: Stop hackers with phishing detection…See more


Icon Hangouts Meet data troubleshooting added to mobile devices

Hangout Meets allows G Suite admins to decide whether to download web video call logs to assist with troubleshooting. With this update, the data uploaded to the Admin console…See more


Icon Set automatic request for mobile to protect data

No matter what device your employees use, protecting business data needs simplicity. This is especially true when so many people use mobile devices to work, so in this launch…See more


Icon SMS Experience – 2 Steps Better Authentication with Google prompt

In February 2017, we changed the Google prompt to 2-step authentication (2-Step Verification or 2-SV), giving users a better choice to keep their accounts secure. This time, in addition to adding 2-SV with an encrypted link, Google prompt also…See more


Icon It's easier to implement two-step 2-SV authentication

In addition to using the security key, G Suite administrators can also choose other 2-SV methods such as the Google Authentication application, receiving messages or calls. To make the implementation of 2-SV easier…See more


Icon Improved Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange, with real-time data, logs and simpler settings

Managing both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Serve (including Office 365) is now easier when most people have to work with both G Suite and Microsoft users. Google will support…See more


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