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Update the latest google news in July 2017

Google adds outstanding new features in G Suite to help customers have the best experience


g suite


Icon Visualize data instantly with machine learning in Google Sheets

Google has added new features to Sheets to make it easier for you to visualize, share data, and find insights your team can work on… See more


Icon Google Vault supports many new features – more accurate and reliable data

Google introduces 4 new features in Vault that help keep exactly the data you want and the data you restore… See more


Icon Gmail admins can notify internal senders when their email is being audited

Gmail admins can now choose to notify internal senders when their messages are being audited against the company's compliance… See more


Icon Google allows users to block creating team drives on google drive

Google is removing the creation restriction and allowing you to block users in your organization/business from creating Team Drives indefinitely…  See more



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