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Google Cloud Platform Newsletter December 2022

Save time deploying web applications using MongoDB and Cloud Run

As a software developer, you want the freedom to combine the technologies you already know and love. This freedom helps enhance productivity and ROI... See more

When speed is revenue: New Cloud CDN features to improve users’ digital experiences

When it comes to digital experiences, speed is revenue. Users are highly sensitive to slow experiences, and the probability of them bouncing increases by 32% when page load times go from 1 second to 3 seconds. Frustrating experiences let revenue walk out of the door.... See more

Access modeled data from Looker Studio, now in public preview

In April, Google announced the private preview of our integration between Looker and Looker Studio (previously known as Data Studio). At Next in October, to further unify our business intelligence under the Looker umbrella, we announced that Data Studio has been renamed Looker Studio. See more

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