G Suite Helps Nanoco Synchronize Information On 9 Branch Offices And 700 Business Offices





  • Secure email system and easy accessibility
  • A smart collaboration platform that supports data synchronization and workflows




  • Use Google Calendar to schedule
  • Use Gmail to increase stability and avoid spam
  • Use Admin Console to managee mail system
  • Coordinate with Gimasys for deployment and training




  • Communication tools which are capable of accessing and working from anywhere anytime
  • Collaboration tools with realtime
  • Reduce 30% time spent on document processing
  • Reduce 30% time and cost spent on scheduling meetings.

“We used to faced many difficulties in synchronizing work processes in 9 branch companies and 700 business offices. Using Google Calendar, Docs and Drive tools, it helps us create an integrated platform for communication, collaboration, controlling and secure information management, processes and schedules.”


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chinh, IT Management, NANOCO (Vietnam)


With more than 20 years of experiences in manufacturing and distributing electrical equipment in Vietnam, NANOCO is known for its market position and market share in the country. It’s not only the Panasonic’s largest distributor in Vietnam, it also produces and distributes two well-known Nano and Nanoco products. T

he company has developed a wide distribution network of 9 branch companies, 700 sales and display offices, both locally  and internationally, to meet the demand of its target market needs – including household consumers and businesses.




In 2013, Nanoco’s communication system has encountered many problems due to limited accessibility and information security.

At that time, Nanoco’s mail server was developed based on the MDaemon and Microsoft Outlook solutions. Because the entire server is located in Vietnam, employees of the company have to cope with difficulties trying to send and receive emails, especially when they go on a business trip oversea.

As a result, their work is interrupted and and significantly affected. Security and safety are two of the weaknesses of the legacy email system. Problems with spam filters cause employee’s inboxes to overload with unrelated emails.


Besides, with the nation-wide distribution and supply chains, Nanoco’s management teams have a lot of difficulties controlling & synchronizing information, workflows across all domains.


“One of the most deadly problems with our legacy systems is the constraint on accessibility when our employees work abroad. But with Gmail, we can check and use email anytime, anywhere, while the IT department still has the ability to manage the security and security of the entire system”.


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chinh, IT Management, NANOCO (Vietnam)



Understand the root cause of all the above challenges coming from an “on-premise” solution, Nanoco decided to take cloud – based technology into consideration.

After doing research on available solutions and suppliers, Mr. Chinh is impressed by the solution provided by Google due to its popularity and reputation.

Nanoco decides to contact Google via its official website and then Gimasys – an authorized G Suite reseller in Vietnam – is assigned to help Nanoco with their problems..

And within just a month, Gimasys helps Nanoco roll out G Suite to entire organization. We migrate business data and integrate Google Calendar with Nanoco’s scheduled management system.


At the time Nanoco decided to transform its system, many of Nanoco’s employees still considered Gmail as their personal email service, and cloud platform productivity tools remained a relatively new concept with them. The IT department has coordinated with GImasys to educate and train users on how to use this suite.


“Google Docs and Sheets have saved us 30% of our time processing documents. Employees have switched to a new and effective working method.”


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chinh, IT Management, NANOCO (Vietnam)



Since Nanoco switch to G Suite, their employees have been able to easily check and send email from anywhere, at any time. G Suite provides a real-time powerful, security platform that enables Nanoco employees to exchange ideas, communicate and collaborate seamlessly.  Spam issues are almost eliminated, stoage capacity is doubled, so employees hardly have any complaints.


Mr.Chinh estimates that Google Docs and Sheets has helped Nanoco reduces the processing time by 30%. At the same time, Google Calendar also indirectly helps Nanoco reduce 1/3 of time it takes to organize meetings and operating costs, by using this tool to manage and schedule appointments and meeting rooms.


Compared to the direct costs of IT, Nanoco saves a significant annual fee for server rentals, system maintenance, license fees, and software updates fees.


Based on the company’s recent employee satisfaction report, 100% of email users are satisfied with Gmail and their applications in the Gsuite productivity suite.


“With a clean spam mailbox and 30GB of storage capacity for each user, we have a seamless communication tool that helps employees exchange ideas and spend time on increasing market share for Nanoco, instead of having to fix and solve problems caused by the legacy email systems.”


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chinh, IT Management, NANOCO (Vietnam)



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