TST Has Exceeded Its Business Targets With The Support Of G Suite


  • Industry: Automotive Industry
  • Area: Viet Nam
  • Number of G Suite users: 78
  • Experiences: 7 years



  • Stable and secure email system
  • Corporate culture built and nurtured via company internal portal
  • Control and secure corporate data



  • Use Gmail to communicate
  • Use Google Drive to store corporate data
  • Use Google Sites to manage and organize your data
  • Use Google Calendar and Google Hangouts to manage your schedule and video conference



  • Exceeding business targets in 2016
  • G Suite adoption rate is 84% after 8 months
  • Save up to 10% on system management time
  • Reduce travel and operating costs for sales department

“With the support of G Suite, problems such as spam and viruses are no longer our concerns. Information and data are stored, managed and controlled through a powerful Admin Console, Google Sites and Google Drive.”

Mr. Luong Tien Dung, IT Director, Thanh Cong Engineering Service Joint Stock Company


Thanh Cong Engineering Service JSC is an important member of Thanh Cong Group – one of the leading corporations operating in manufacturing industry, assembling and importing a wide range of cars and specialized vehicles in Vietnam.


TST is known as the largest distributor of Hyundai, Doosan and Nexen brands in Vietnam and quickly established its strong foothold in this market. The company headquartered is located in Hanoi and operat 3 branch offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Ninh Binh and Vung Tau. TST believes that IT is one of the competitive advantages that make it the leading distributor of spare parts and accessories in Vietnam.




Before using G Suite, TST had an unpleasant experience with the email service from a local vendor. Due to their poor infrastructure, each time their server encounters problems, email system is consequently affected and it takes a long time to reboot.


Using a complex email system means that new employees would be having a hard time getting used to the environment and organization. Low adoption rate of IT applications will reduce productivity,efficiency and employee satisfaction.


Besides, TST also faces with the issues that most fast-growing organizations are experiencing:

  • Making sure that the right information is easily accessible by the right people at the right time.
  • Control data sharing; making sure that corporate data is not shared outside without permission.
  • The need for easy Information access and collaboration among departments since the legacy email systems merely functions to send/receive emails.  
  • Making sure that employees of the entire companies and branch offices are informed and use the latest features of their email system.
  • Aware of potentials threats coming from phishing attacks and dangerous viruses.


“These challenges will lead to risks and vulnerability if TST can’t find a right solution. Make change or stay the same is a strategic decision of the company. An email system plays an important role in communicating and collaborating, so we choose to revamp our email system as the starting point for the transfomation campaign.”


Mr. Luong Tien Dung, IT Director, Thanh Cong Engineering Service Joint Stock Company




After doing research on  available email solutions, Mr. Dung is impressed by a productivity suite provided by Google. Well-known for its safety, security, stability and scalability – these are exactly what he expected of an business email system.

With technical advice from Gimasys, Google’s authorized partner in Vietnam, Mr. Dung and his team decided to migrate to G Suite and apply cloud – based technology  to TST.

Moreover, based on TST’s desire for a central place where company employees can attain information at ease, Gimasys advised TST to take full advantage of Google Sites and Google Drive to build an intranet portal.

This intranet site has helped IT team accomplish one of the most important responsibilities – making it easy for all employees to access data within their power, while still ensuring information security.


“G Suite fulfills most of our expectations for an email system and is a good starting point for TST’s business transformation roadmap.”


Mr. Luong Tien Dung, IT Director, Thanh Cong Engineering Service Joint Stock Company




After using G Suite, the TST’s employees now have a tool that helps them communicate and collaborate internally and externally effectively without having to worry about problems arising form system failures.

Friendly and familiar interface of Gmail and internal website Google Sites also boosts the adoption rate to 84% in 8 months. G Suite also helps new employees easily adapt to organizational culture and complete the task.

Now 100% employees who use email at work can use it smoothly in their daily tasks. Most of the staff are satisfied with the speed and ease of use. From here on, they can work anytime and anywhere, on any devices.


Business Development Departement has recognized a significant improvement in work efficiency and effectiveness due to the help of collaborative tools from G Suite.

Thanks to Hangouts video conference and Google Calendar to schedule online meeting with customers, sales staff reduces travel time and costs dramatically. With this tool, management team can also monitor schedules and performances of all employees at all times, regardless of whether they are working at the office or not.


With support from the Google Administration Control Panel, IT department save up to 40% of the time spent managing data shared internally and externally. At the same time, G Suite’s firewall and security system effectively blocks spam, viruses and phishing attacks.

Now, IT staff at TST can spend time researching and developing productivity tools based on G Suite and start their business transformation, rather than spend most of their time on Support activities like before.


By increase productivity, reducing costs, improving business efficiency and employee satisfaction, TST has exceeded its business targets for 2016.


“We are very willing to introduce and are also currently introducing friends and partners to adopt G Suite for their business. Because of its usefullness, G Suite is highly beneficial when a company start to roll out to the whole organization. Moreover, the cost of the conversion is also reasonable.”


Mr. Luong Tien Dung, IT Director, Thanh Cong Engineering Service Joint Stock Company


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