Chrome for Work

IT managers nowadays are more interested in technologies which improves mobility, increases flexibility and meets the expectation for modern technology with ensured security and reasonable price. In order to catch up this trend, Google releases the suit of devices Chrome for Work (CfW) with strong, professional and easy-to-manage features and suitable expense for all size of companies. CfW includes Chromebooks – thin client devices, and Chromebox for Meeting (CfM) – High quality Video Conferencing solution.

Chromebox for meetings

Chromebox for Meetings (CfM) includes hardware devices and software for management (CfM management license) which helps to connect meeting rooms on Google Hangouts platform:

• Create and connect meeting rooms quickly with simple devices: Chromebox, Camera Full HD, Microphone and Speaker, Remote.

• Integrate directly with GAfW.

• Connect to 25 devices at many different points and other video conferencing systems.

• Easy to manage with Chrome OS operating system, automatic update regularly without any interruption and delay.


Chromebooks is a thin client laptop device which is managed by Chrome management license. Chromebooks brings to people who travel frequently new experience:

• Succinct design, simple features, run fast, easy to use and reasonable fee.

• Multiple level security, automatic update without interruption.

• Monitor for sign in by GAfW, allow change users by many people.

• Help to optimize features and benefit of GAfW.

• Allow to user thousands of applications from Chrome Web Store.

• 12 hours usage battery.