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Control who can move your domain’s content out of Team Drives

What’s new: Team Drives allow you to share files with people inside and outside of your domain. While you may want people outside of your domain, such as clients and partners, to add and contribute to your domain’s Team Drives, it’s important that you have control over who can move files out as well.


With this launch, we introduced a new sharing setting in the Admin console that allows you, as a G Suite admin, to control who can remove content from your domain’s Team Drives and prevents your data from leaving your organization. This setting applies to both moving content from a Team Drive in your domain to a Team Drive or My Drive in an external domain as well as moving content from an a My Drive of a user in your domainto a Team Drive in an external domain.


There are three options to choose from within this setting: “Anyone,” “No one,” or “Only users in this domain.


team drive


You can find this setting in the Admin console under Apps > G Suite > Settings for Drive and Docs > Sharing settings.


By default, this setting is set to “Anyone,” which matches the Google Drive behavior that was previously in place with Team Drives. Additionally, these permissions are determined at the organizational unit (OU) level. This means that the setting will take effect based on the owner of the file and the setting of that owner’s OU.


This new setting will not be available in the Admin console if the “Sharing outside of [domain name]” selection is set to “off.”


Please note: this setting does not prevent users from transferring ownership by adding collaborators or using the sharing dialog. It only controls ownership transfer that happens as a result of moving content out of a shared Team Drive.


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