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Delegate additional Gmail privileges to users

What’s new: Managing the secure and efficient flow of email is critical to any organization’s success, but it can be a massive undertaking for a G Suite admin. To make this effort a bit easier, we’re introducing three new Gmail privileges that G Suite super admins can grant to other users—without needing to give them super admin status: (1) Email Log Search, (2) Access Admin Quarantine, and (3) Access Restricted Quarantines.




This privilege grants a user access to Gmail’s Email Log Search feature, which makes it easy to track message delivery, view the impact of certain policies on email flow, and identify the IP addresses of connecting servers.


Access Admin Quarantine

G Suite admins can configure policies and settings to quarantine certain email messages, helping to prevent spam, minimize data loss, and protect confidential information. This privilege gives a user access to the Admin Quarantine, where they can allow or prohibit those messages from being delivered. Note that this privilege won’t allow a user to view or change any Admin Quarantine settings.


Access Restricted Quarantines

This privilege also gives a user access to the Admin Quarantine, but only to those quarantines for which they’re part of the quarantine reviewers group. Note that this privilege, like the one above, won’t allow a user to access any Admin Quarantine settings.


Super administrators can delegate these privileges to users by clicking CREATE A NEW ROLE in the Admin roles section of the Admin console and then selecting Services > Gmail and the specific privilege from the Privileges menu.


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