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G Suite newsletter 05/2018

After years of development, Google has just updated Gmail with one of its biggest redesigns in a long time: with all-new interface, new and advanced security as well as intelligent features. In addition, Google also updated and brought new features to Google Sheets and Admin console to help business work more efficiently and effectively.


G Suite newsletter



icon With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business

Since the beginning, our aim with G Suite has been to help companies transform the way they work with our suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps. On April 25th we announced major updates to help the more than 4 million paying businesses that use G Suite work safer, smarter and more… See more


icon Additional details on the new Gmail Early Adopter Program

Here are additional details on the EAP for the new Gmail, including how to opt in, the related Admin console settings, and the implications of certain features. We encourage you to read the “With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business” section above before reading the information below… See more


icon Smarter sharing of files with updated Google Drive Access checker

Google Drive makes it easy to share files through Gmail, Calendar, and other apps with a feature called “Access checker.” When you send an email, calendar invite, or other communication that includes a Drive file, Access checker automatically looks to see if the people you’re sending the message to have permissions to view… See more


icon See people’s profile information in new cards in G Suite apps

Whether your users are scheduling a meeting or catching up on Google+ posts, it’s important that they can easily see who they’re interacting with. That’s why we’ve added new person information cards that appear inside your G Suite apps on the web, like Google+ and Calendar, when relevant…. See more


icon Think macro: record actions in Google Sheets to skip repetitive work

Since their debut nearly 40 years ago, spreadsheets have remained core to how businesses get work done. From analyzing quarterly revenue to updating product inventory, spreadsheets are critical to helping companies gather and share data to inform quicker decisions—but what else can you do if they’re in the cloud? We’ve been focused on making…. See more


icon Additional details on new macro recorder and formatting options in Google Sheets

In our above post “Think macro: record actions in Google Sheets to skip repetitive work,” we provided an overview of some of the ways we’re making Google Sheets better for business. This included several new feature announcements. Below are some more specific feature and rollout information that may be useful to G Suite admins….. See more


icon Get more control over chart data labels in Google Sheets

We’re adding new features to help the charts you create in Google Sheets better represent the data they contain. These features include showing total data labels for stacked charts and controlling where data labels are placed. Show totals in stacked charts You can now add total data labels in stacked charts, which show….. See more


icon Add custom links to the navigation bar in the new Google Sites

The navigation bar is how users get around a website, and it helps them find important resources quickly. The new Google Sites automatically creates an intuitive navigation bar that links to content within your site, but there may be times when you want to create your own links that go somewhere else…… See more


icon Session length controls for domains using SAML

In March, we introduced a setting that allows G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education admins to specify the duration of web sessions for Google services (e.g. four hours, seven days, or infinite). At the time, this setting only applied to domains where Google was responsible for the login…… See more


icon Improved user management in the G Suite Admin console

We’re updating the interface you use when you manage your organization’s users in the Admin console. These changes will make it easier to find and control user information and settings. For more information, see our Help Center topic on how to add and manage users……. See more


icon More improvements to user management in the Admin console

We’re updating the User lists interface in the Admin console to make it easier to see, find, and manage users. These user list improvements build on the improvements to the user details experience in the above section “Improved user management in the Admin console.” ……. See more


icon Group users into multiple directories in G Suite

The G Suite Directory surfaces profile information to users in your organization, allowing them to easily find and learn about one another while they work in G Suite apps. For instance, autocomplete in Gmail makes it easy for users to find their coworkers’ email addresses and quickly send them a message ……. See more


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