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Google Newsletter 11/2017

Respond to a range of requests from customers, users, admin,… Google has added a number of special features which enhance user experiences as well as more convenient, secure collaboration among employees and third-parties.


Google newsletter


icon A fresh new look and new features for Google Calendar for web

Google is taking a lot of what you know and love from Calendar’s mobile application, like the modern color palette and sleek design, and bringing it to the web with a responsive layout that auto-adjusts to your screen size; more features for enterprises to help teams schedule and prepare for meetings… See more


icon Record a Hangouts Meet meeting and save it to Google Drive

Whether for trainings, important announcements, or syncing with your team, meetings have many purposes. Sometimes not every teammate can attend and to simplify this process, Hangouts Meet video meetings for G Suite Enterprise edition can now be recorded and saved to the cloud… See more


icon New features in Google Contacts app on Android

Google released version 2.2 of the Google Contacts app on Android. This release contains several changes to the look and management of your contacts… See more


icon Do more from your inbox with Gmail Add-ons

For many of us, email is mission control—the prompt to generate an invoice, prepare a presentation or follow up on a sales opportunity. With so many to-dos, imagine if you could complete these tasks directly from your inbox without interrupting your workflow…. See more


icon Expanded page hierarchy in the new Google Sites

Google knows that many of your sites require a deep page hierarchy. That’s why Google made it possible to nest five levels of pages in the new Google Sites, up from the two levels previously allowed…. See more


icon User undeletion window increased to 20 days

A top ask from G Suite admins, we’re now increasing the window of time to restore a deleted user from five to 20 days…. See more


icon Making Google prompt the primary choice for 2-Step Verification

Google prompt is an easier and more secure method of authenticating an account, and it respects mobile policies enforced on employee devices…. See more


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