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Google Workspace News – 12/2020

Breakout rooms in Google Meet to more Google Workspace customers

Breakout rooms in Google Meet are available to Google Workspace and G Suite customers, including Essentials, Business and Enterprise,… See more


Changes to Google Workspace storage policies starting June 1, 2021

In 2021, we change storage in Google Workspace: Photos, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard content for Admins & End Users..See more


Virtually raise your hand to ask a question in Google Meet

Video meeting participants can now indicate that they would like to speak by raising their hand to ask a question in Meet…See more


Schedule Google Calendar events from Google Chat

Users can now schedule meetings or schedule events in Calendar directly from Google Chat conversations in the conversation’s compose bar…See more


Custom roles now available in new Groups

With new Groups, now creating a custom role that allows admins to assign a specific set of viewing, posting, and moderation permissions…See more


Improving Google Meet attendance reports and making them available to more customers

Google is now making several enhancements to provide more accesses and features into Google Meet attendance and live stream reports…See more


Accept knocks in bulk in Google Meet

You can now accept all pending knocks in bulk in Google Meet. Admitting participants or students all at once helps limit interruptions during the video call…See more


Changes to Google Chat group conversations and classic Hangouts coming December 3, 2020

Starting December 3, 2020, we’ll make three changes to how group conversations work in Google Chat, Hangouts. More information of updates…See more




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