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Improved attachment compliance in Gmail

What’s new: As a G Suite administrator, one of your most important jobs is to keep your organization’s data from falling into the wrong hands. Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps you do just that, by allowing you to scan and systematically take action on your users’ inbound and outbound email traffic. With this launch, we’re improving that capability, specifically in the area of attachment compliance.


Previously, when you specified a custom* file type to search for in Gmail attachments, we only scanned the message’s MIME header for the attachment’s filename extension. This meant that if a sender renamed their attachment’s extension, it might not be flagged. Now, if you check the “Also match files based on file format (supported types)” box, we’ll also scan the contents of the attachment to determine its file type (provide it’s one of several supported types).





This will improve attachment compliance and further prevent data loss in your organization. To learn more about setting up rules for attachment compliance, check out the Help Center.


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