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10 ways to use Google Apps for project management xin giới thiệu 10 cách để sử udnjg Google Apps cho việc quản lý dự án

  1. Track, update, and work collaboratively across work areas.

Organizing a large project or multiple projects involving many team members around the world will be very time consuming. Take planning to the next level by making it easier to assign tasks, track progress, and document completion dates with Sheets. You can create Gantt charts and animated plans that make your projects and timeframes easier to visualize. Members around the world can get live updates on their progress instantly, without having to go through everyone's email updates. By jointly accessing and updating a project plan, it's easier to distribute work, manage schedule changes, and update progress.

  1. Communicate easily with the project team.

When you're working together on a project, you often need to share information in a fast and efficient way with a large group of people. Reduce the time spent emailing people personally by creating email lists for project teams on Groups. After adding your group to the group, you can send status updates and share documents with everyone at once.

  1. Manage timetables for projects or groups.

Keeping track of different projects at the same time is challenging, especially with changing work types and deadlines. With Calendar, you can create a calendar to keep track of project milestones, deadlines, and reminders. Create a shared calendar for your team so everyone knows when it's time for meetings, training, vacations, and more. If you want a simple way to manage teams around the world and operate across multiple time zones, schedule team members to know when everyone can work.

  1. Create and manage digital materials securely.

When you organize projects with a team, you need to securely store files and folders. Using Drive, you can safely manage and save documents such as documents, photos, and videos. Drive data sets to the cloud so everyone always has access to the most up-to-date content, and access management and sharing capabilities make collaborating on a project simple and secure.

  1. Find and organize important emails quickly.

Work on multiple projects with different teams, keep track of everyone's messages by organizing inboxes. Use stars to mark certain emails as important, or let Gmail's priority inbox automatically sort and prioritize messages so you can focus your attention. Then, set up filters and labels for specific projects to make it easier to organize, find, and respond to emails.

  1. Create impressive presentations.

Get your team known quickly by presenting your ideas with Slides. Create an impressive presentation to shape projects, deliver work, establish key deliverables, and share timelines. Add illustrations like tables and charts to make your project easier to visualize. If you work with an online team, you can share and present projects on Hangouts.

  1. Unify project information on one website.

Build a Sites to hold project information, updates, timelines, products, tasks, calendars, and documents. Now your team has one organized site with all the important information, where anyone can access it anytime, from any device.

  1. Easily create and share documents.

When you manage a large project or multiple projects, you need an easy way to create and share documents with your team. Create documents for team meetings, edit storyboards, and request products using Docs. When it comes to brainstorming project ideas with the team, create a document that acts as a space for everyone's opinions, edit the document at the same time, communicate within the file, and receive feedback through comments and suggestions. No more drafts, just review history to see who edited or revert to an earlier version at any time.

  1. Hold video meetings.

If you work with teams around the world, it will be important to keep in touch between everyone. With Hangouts, it's easy to meet team members anywhere in the world, anytime from your computer or phone. Join video meetings to brainstorm ideas for projects, get live feedback on work, or instantly share updates. Now, people can keep in touch without having to move and still ensure the same results as meeting face-to-face.

  1. Gather members for the meeting.

You want to rally members for a meeting, show them documents preview before the meeting, when you send meeting invites to colleagues on Calendar, add documents, speadsheets, presentations, notes, and more. more than that. That way, everyone in the group can be ready to share ideas for the meeting.

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