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5 ways to use Google Apps for premium service

  1. Work closer to customers.

To collaborate more effectively with clients in the cloud, a very successful agency, M&C Saatchi switched to using Google Apps for Work. The agency uses Drive to keep a large number of design files in one place, allowing team members and clients to view and edit or add suggestions without having to transfer files. When presentation deadlines start to appear, they use Slides – a key delegate sets the frame, then others come in to complete their individual slides at their leisure.

Do you want to make the process of working closely with your customers easier? Store and share files up to 5 TB, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with Google's rich co-editing capabilities.

“Cloud-based tools, like Google Apps and Drive, claim that we bring people around to a common purpose, and that means we can get started faster, but also smarter. ”

— Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director, M&C Saatchi.


  1. Make people feel part of the group.

Rentokil Initial has 6 business chains covering more than 60 countries, making some of its employees feel separate from others. Google Apps for Work helps change company culture by making it easier for people to communicate with each other. Teams now use Drive and Sites to share meaningful information about themselves or their work. Managing directors use Google+ to post key events during their business trip, and interns have Groups to share their experiences.

You can create a stronger sense of team within the company. Google Apps helps dispersed human resources to easily find and communicate with each other. Managers can give people a clearer picture of their business through posts and updates on Google+. Every department can create its own online community to share views and support each other for common results.

“Sharing online makes us a friendlier and more democratic organization, which is crucial for employee engagement and workplace culture.”

—Peter Shortey, Global IT Operations Manager, Rentokil Initial.




  1. Solve problems creatively through collaborative work.

As one of the largest consulting firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is all about solving business problems – but they're still having a hard time implementing legal processes. partner, until they start using Google Apps for Work. Today, PwC teams are better collaborative, more creative, and more inspired than before. For example, employees were able to cancel 2 to 5 meeting hours per week, because issues were resolved collaboratively using Docs.

The strength of a business is built on accumulated human knowledge, so use Google Apps for Work to transform your workplace from rigid to open, from obligation to engagement , and from focusing on individual effectiveness to teamwork. Use Sites and Google+ to share perspectives, and Docs, Sheets, Slides to work together simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

“By giving teams powerful tools to collaborate, we're helping them create and improve in new ways. With the Google Apps engine, our teams have become more engaged, productive, and agile. And we are bringing more value to our customers, at a faster rate.”

—Deborah Bothun, US Entertainment, Media and Communications Leader, PwC.


  1. Simplify project management and team communication.

Grass Roots is a quality improvement company that operates based on working cooperation and good communication to win customers' trust. When the old system couldn't keep up, Google Apps for Work opened up new ways for teams to work together. Now, employees share and update project reports, timetables, calendars, budgets, and work documents simultaneously online. They can stay in touch easily via email, direct message, or video conferencing using their laptops and phones.

You want to simplify project management and increase productivity. Use Docs, Sheets, and Slides to collaborate and Calendar to keep everyone on track. You can augment Google Apps with many more built-in apps available on the Google Apps Marketplace.

“For so many of our employees, Google Apps is transforming their teams and projects. Teams are more organized because everything including timetables, budgets, and progress reports are transparently stored with the latest updates available for everyone to view online.”

—Danny Attias, CIO, Grass Roots.


  1. Streamline recruitment and training.

When an agency with multi-national employees, Randstad, wanted to improve email and collaboration solutions, they chose Google Apps for Work. Integrated Google apps enable employees at 4,500 branches to work collaboratively with more than 500,000 people every day. The migration to Google Apps for Work was easy because many of Randstad's employees used Google tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts.

Your company can use Google Apps to attract the best people and engage with them quickly, even when selecting from a large pool of candidates from many different locations. Use shared Docs and work together on the perfect job description, or to test a candidate's writing or programming skills simultaneously. Track interview status on Sheets, and use Hangouts to conduct interviews, or to increase offers to top candidates.

“We had a young, IT-savvy workforce, and we were told that they were very familiar with Google tools… and we let them use those tools in their work.”

—Martijn Nykerk, Senior Consultant Group IT, Randstad.

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