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6 elements of compliance security in Google Apps

As a pioneer in cloud computing services, Google understands the importance of security when the cloud is used for enterprise applications. Google has devoted great effort to consolidating and building on the security features of Google Apps used in the Google for Work model, so they are trusted by business owners for hosting. company information.

Google employs a security team of more than 500 top professionals to build the secure network and perfect the infrastructure with their application programs. This security team works with a variety of tools such as quality assurance metrics and penetration tests to develop the machinery to ensure the safety of customer data.

Here are some of the security standards that the Google security team has developed for Google Apps for Work:

  1. Protection from malware:

Protection features that help employees use Google Apps for Work without harming company data include Google's Safe Browsing technology. This technology will survey URLs and notify users of potentially harmful malware before users visit suspicious websites. Antivirus signatures used with Google Apps for Work, and free tools like Virus Total are available to provide Google Apps users with a high level of security against malware.

  1. Google data center security:

Google data centers are designed with security in mind. Data center standards are established around a layered security model. Google's data center security standards include electronic access cards, security fencing, and bio-based access controls. Intruders will be deterred by high-resolution surveillance cameras both inside and outside the facility, and a laser intrusion detection system.

  1. Data security on the go:

Online data is most likely to be accessed by unauthorized users as it is in transit. Google understands the importance of protecting data when it is in this vulnerable period, and so they use HTTPS/TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Google's RSA certification provides 2048-bit keys that drastically increase the security of Google Apps for Work data in transit.

  1. Attempts to minimize downsides:

Vulnerability mitigation is used by Google to maximize security with Google Apps for Work, find potential threats, and create solutions. External audits are applicable with automated or manual intrusion-related solutions. As part of vulnerability mitigation at Google, users of Google's services can provide their feedback on security issues.




  1. Certified security and compliance:

Business owners using Google Apps for Work should not rely solely on assurances from Google that data is protected. There are many certifications from different 3rd parties that prove the security of data storage and access with Google's cloud applications. Audits take place periodically with Google's security standards to verify compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SOC 3. In addition, Google Apps for Work meets the standards set forth by the US Federal Information Security Modernization Act in 2014.

  1. Administration of data access rights:

The role administration feature of Google Apps for Work allows businesses to use applications to limit access based on the location of users within the company. Business owners can tailor internal access to public data within the organization and set their own policies on data access. To limit access within Google and protect customer data, the number of Google employees with access to customer data in the Google for Work app is limited to a minimum.

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