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Alerts for government-backed attacks sent by default starting October 10th


What’s new: In August, we launched the option for G Suite admins to receive a security alert if we believed their users were being targeted by a government-backed attack. At the time, admins had to explicitly enable these alerts. We heard that many admins weren’t aware of this alert and so weren’t receiving this critical information. As a result, we turned these alerts ON for most admins starting October 10th, 2018.


G suite alert for government-backed attacks


Admins will receive a security alert if we believe their users are being targeted by a government-backed attack.


You’ll still have the option to turn these alerts OFF by navigating to Reports > Manage alerts > Government-backed attack warning in the Admin console—or you can simply opt out any time you receive an alert email.


G Suite alerts for government-backed attacks


You can disable these alerts in the Admin console.


Note that if you previously enabled and then disabled these alerts, they will remain off.


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