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Announcement – Changing policy of Google


Dear Valued Customers,


On behalf of Gimasys, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you for trusting and using Google’s services over the past years. As the largest authorized Google Cloud partner in Vietnam, Gimasys has responsibility to timely inform you about important changes that would affect the users of Google’s services.


According to the latest update from Google with regard to its terms of service, since early 2016, Google has not allowed Partners to deduct Withholding Tax from the payments for the services provided to Vietnamese customers. That means this tax cost will be added to the service prices.
In order to  ensure the compliance with Vietnamese laws as well as protect our customer’s benefit, Gimasys has not increased the prices of Google services at the time of announcement while trying our best to negotiate with Google  to keep supporting Vietnamese customers in term of Withholding Tax. However, Google decided not to accept our requirement and not to deduct the cost of Withholding Tax from our payments since the early 2016.


Thereby, Gimasys officially announces that we decide to add the cost of Withholding Tax into the price of G Suite services, including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, and add-ons services, including Google Drive and Google Vault, (“ Service”).


The new price of services (“The New Price”) is the recommended prices on the official website of Google at:  plus 10% of WHT. The New Price will be applied for all kinds of transaction including new, additional and renewal purchase of the service from 20/04/2017.


Gimasys greatly understands and shares with your company about the inconvenience that may arise. Beside, we are also making necessary effort to  minimize the impact associated with this change. Gimasys is ready to discuss with you about  the best way to ensure the Service is provided smoothly and without affecting your business operations.


If you need further information, please contact:

The Northern: Nguyễn Tùng Giang (Mr.), Mobile: 0988326057, Email:

The Southern: Lê Thị Mai (Ms.), Điện thoại: 0988001557, Email:



General Director

Nguyễn Thanh Sơn


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