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G Suite Newsletter May 2018

After years of development, Google has finally opened the restoration work Gmail with: Brand new interface, enhanced security features, applications using Google's artificial intelligence and much more integrated in this update. Besides, Google also has many updates and additions to Google Sheets and Admin console to help businesses get the job done faster and more efficiently.


G Suite Newsletter


Icon Things you didn't know about the new Gmail interface

Since its launch, G Suite has been helping businesses transform the way they work by bringing cloud-based collaboration tools to the app. Now, Google brings a very important innovation… See more


Icon Notify Early Adopter domains about the new Gmail interface

Early Adopter Program (EAP): With some Google updates and changes: some will be updated for all users; Some will be updated for some users first, after a certain time will update the feature for all users. Early Adopter is a program for… See more


Icon Improved access control panel in Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to share documents via Gmail, Calendar and other apps with the “Access checker”. When you send an Email, send a meeting invitation via Calendar, or other contact information that attaches… See more


Icon View basic recipient information in G Suite apps

Whether your users are scheduling meetings or following Google+ posts, it's important that they can easily see who they're interacting with. That's why Google has shown basic information… See more


Icon How to automate tasks on Google Sheet with Macro

Since its inception nearly 40 years ago, Spreadsheets have remained the core product for helping businesses get work done. From quarterly revenue analysis to product catalog updates, spreadsheets are the primary tool to help companies… See more


Icon Additional formatting options in Google Sheets

In the article How to automate tasks on Google Sheet with Macros, Google provided an overview of several ways to make Google Sheet more useful for businesses. Here are some details that G Suite admins should know… See more


Icon Added data label settings in Google Sheets charts

Google is adding new features to help the charts you create in Google Sheets show more information. These features include displaying the total number of data labels for a stacked chart and deciding where to place the data labels…. See more


Icon Add custom links to the navigation bar in the new Google Sites

The navigation bar is what users use to get around a web page and help them find important resources quickly. The new version of Google Sites automatically creates an intuitive navigation bar that links to content in your site…. See more


Icon Control session time of businesses using SAML

In March, Google released a setting that allows G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education admins to specify session lengths on the web – Session length control for Google services (e.g. four hours, seven days, or zero hours) term)…. See more


Icon Improved user management interface in Admin console

Google is updating the interface you use to manage internal users in the admin console. These changes will make it easier for you to find and control user information and settings....See more


Icon Group users into multiple contacts in G Suite

G Suite Contacts displays profile information of users in the enterprise, allowing them to easily search and look up information of colleagues and partners while they use G Suite to work. For example, the auto-suggest feature...See more


Icon Other improvements to user management in the Admin console

Google is updating the User list interface in the admin console to make it easier to view, search, and manage users. You can read more about the updates that Google has brought in the user management interface….See more


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