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Secure enterprise devices on iOS, including corporate contacts.

According to Gartner, more than two-thirds of employees are using personal devices at work, and Google sees similar statistics for its customers: businesses are using the company's own devices ( BYOD). That's why Google made improvements to Google Mobile Management, adding several iOS features for enterprise security, including requesting a corporate contact management feature.


iOS Settings version 2

Manage iOS Settings in Google Mobile Management


Manage company directory

G Suite admins can now sync a company's contact list with a user's device. This improves iOS device compliance in the following ways:


  • Setting up contacts is easier during MDM installation. The user's corporate contacts are automatically synced when the iOS device is licensed, and are no longer available when the device is down.
  • Search and call contacts from the Global Address List (GAL) from the iOS phone app. In addition, email, calendar, contacts iOS apps can look up contacts from GAL.
  • Caller ID is supported when receiving calls from user contacts.
  • If your organization requires users to use 2-step verification or you use a third-party SSO provider, users will not need to use an app password when accessing corporate contacts on the device iOS.
  • If the administrator blocks or deletes the account, the user's company contacts will be gone and they will no longer have access to the GAL.



In addition to these changes, Google has also added and updated the following device restriction policies:

  • Managed apps: Manage app authors, settings, and storage
  • Account Configuration: Automatically configure Google account on iOS to sync contacts, calendar
  • Safari: Manage Safari browser settings
  • Photos: Manage photo sharing on iOS
  • Advanced security: Allows screen capture and screen recording, Siri, Apple Watch and more




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