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Block shares from another user in Google Drive


What’s changing 

As Google recently announced on the Cloud Blog, that they are adding the ability to block another user in Google Drive. If blocked, the user will not be able to share any Drive items with you, and items owned by the user will not be able to be shared with you or be shown when you’re browsing Google Drive. In addition, your files will not be available to the user you’ve blocked, even if you’ve previously shared items with them. 


Note that you can’t block users within your domain, and blocking a user on Drive will also block them from interacting with you on other apps and services


Who’s impacted 

End users 


Why you’d use it 

Google Drive enables both individuals and organizations to store, share, and collaborate from anywhere. Drive’s sharing capabilities fuel productivity and collaboration, but bad actors can abuse tools that are meant to facilitate helpful sharing. That’s why Google is creating a way to block other users. By using this feature, you can: 

Block another user from sharing any content with you in the future. This can be a useful control if, for example, another user has a history of sending spam or abusive content. 

Remove all existing files and folders shared by another user. This is an easy way to get rid of all spam or abusive content shared from a specific user at one time. 

Remove another person’s access to your content, even if you’ve previously shared it with them. 


User blocking will not only preserve Drive sharing’s helpfulness, but most importantly preserve the safety of Drive users. 


Getting started 


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Blocking an individual from future sharing in Google Drive 

Google Drive: chặn chia sẻ từ một người dùng khác



Rollout pace 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers. Also available to users with personal Google Accounts. 




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