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Admin console tools to help manage Calendar from former employees

What's new?i: Managing former employees' ownership of the calendar events or ensuring that Calendar's resources are not occupied by legacy events is a challenge for administrators. When an employee leaves, you can delete or suspend their account for a certain period of time before deleting it completely. With this update, Google introduces a set of tools to assist administrators in managing their former employees' Calendars.


When you delete an account: You can choose to pass future events to a new user, or you can return the properties that the event reserved. This ensures new employees can maintain continuity of pre-scheduled events. You can change the ownership of an employee's events via user deletion flow, to enter Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data, or in Data Transfer API.



If you choose not to transfer your former employee's events, Google recommends that you let Calendar automatically delete events in the future, 21 days after the user is deleted. This will ensure that no unmanaged events can appear in guest and resource calendars. To choose the auto-cancel feature, go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data.


Maybe at another time (for example, after suspending an account) you can initiate event forwarding, cancel them, or release resources by going to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Manage User Data.



Please note that only the Super Admin or admin with Data Transfer privileges can use these features. They are being introduced gradually.


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