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New features of Google Contacts on Android

What’s new: Google has just updated version 2.2 of the Google Contact app on Android. This version has a few changes to view and manage user contact information.


Changes when viewing information


  • Bigger picture: Based on popular request from G Suite users, Google now displays larger and more vivid contact images.


  • Action options (Action Button) under each image for easier communication: Under each contact's name, you'll see options to call, text, video call, or email that person. Also, if there is at least one street address in the contact information, you will see a “directions” option appear (Directions).


  • Contact card showing personal information: In this card, you will see the person's information such as job location, work phone number, manager's name and location of their office.




Changes in the Suggestions section

  • Suggest more contact information: In this update, you'll see suggestions to add information to the addresses you frequently communicate with through Google apps. This feature appears under the “Add people you contact often” summary card.



  • Synchronize all duplicate information: The section that suggests duplicate information now has a "MERGE ALL" button so you can agree to sync all of that information.



Adjust contact information view


Finally, you can customize your contact list views so that they only show the information you want. You can do so by going to a new menu item – “Customized view”. This feature appeared in a previous launch when viewing the All contact list, but it is now available for individual information.


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