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Improve Gmail attachments with Video Streaming

Google has just updated a new feature, allowing users to view video attachments sent via Gmail without having to download it like before. 


We're introducing a smoother and smoother preview of videos attached to Gmail. Previously, to view video attachments in Gmail, you had to download the video to your computer and open it with a Media player video player. With this introduction, when a user opens an email with a video attached, the user will see a thumbnail of the video and can go live. 


Video Streaming gmail


This video player has an interface similar to Youtube, users can adjust the volume, display quality, even cast via Chromecast.
This feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers Youtube, Google Drive, and video streaming apps, so Videos will be played at optimal quality. If you have apps that also benefit from integrated video streaming, learn more at Google Cloud Platform Media Solutions​​  .

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