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Improved Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange, with real-time data, logs and simpler settings

What’s changing: It just got easier to manage both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Serve (including Office 365) in your business. We started out by supporting “busy/free” status searches between two systems in the same enterprise, both on mobile and on the web. This is a feature requested by many customers when they have to work with both G Suite and Microsoft users.

Collaboration between users becomes simpler

When Calendar Interop is installed for your domain, end users will be able to see the status of others even though they use two different systems. This information will appear in the Find a Time section of Google Calendar users and in the Scheduling Assistant section of Microsoft Outlook. This feature works in real time and is supported for Google Calendar on Android, iOS and on the web.

Easy to install and detect problems

As a G Suite admin, you can allow users to check the status

by entering Apps > G Suite > Settings for Calendar in the Admin console, then select Calendar Interop management.

From here, you can set up the interoperability between the Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange systems using Installation instructions in the Help Center.

Plus, to help you get set up and stay connected, we're bringing you two new tools:

 1.We built a New tools to detect and handle interactions, allowing administrators to know the status of the installation with just one click. If everything works as expected, the tool will notify you. If something goes wrong, it displays a user-readable error message to help you pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

2. We also show related interaction logs in the reporting section of the Admin console, so admins can track the success or failure rate of each user.

Admins who have already installed the collaboration section in Calendar if they want to use this new feature can go to Help Center for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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