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Improved sharing with third parties on Google Drive

What’s changing: We understand that most businesses work with contractors, suppliers or third parties that do not use a Google account, and we also recognize that sharing information with them in a Fast, simple and secure are of the utmost importance. So, based on your feedback, we changed the user experience when you have to share files with people who don't use Google accounts.



An employee can only share files on Google Drive with other email domains and send invitations to people who don't use Google accounts with permission. If you allow outsiders to preview the file, they can view it for 14 days. If you ask to sign in, they must create a Google account within 14 days (if not already) to be able to view it. However, if some third parties do not have the right to create an account or do not follow the requirements, the information that your staff has just sent will not reach the recipient.


Of course if you allow users to make files public on the site then they will have another option: post public link. Unfortunately, a lot of users do not take advantage of this feature because it is not clearly displayed in the sections about sharing and access.


Experience the new sharing feature

To make sharing easier and more efficient for both G Suite users and non-Googlers, we're adding a new option for anyone with the link to have access (anyone with the link view the file)


This customization appears only if in the sharing settings Your device has the following (Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Sharing settings):

  1.      You allow users to share files with accounts other than domain names
  2.      You allow users to send invitations to people who do not use Google accounts
  3.      You allow users to make files public on the web
  4.      You do NOT have the “Recipients only” option in the Access Checker settings.



An example of a new conversation will appear when an employee shares a file with someone who doesn't have a Google account, if the above conditions are met.


If an employee clicks on the “Send the link” option, a access link Click on that file will appear and anyone with the link can view it. This allows third parties to view important content without time limits and without the need for a Google account.


Note: “Send an invitation“ is the default selection for other files.


These changes are already available for accounts with Rapid Release domains and will appear in accounts with Scheduled Release domains in early August.


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