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Calendar on iPad: Ready for Business


What’s new: Whether you’re jumping from meeting to meeting or on your way to meet a customer—yourcalendar needs to work for you…anywhere, anytime.

That’s why with this launch, we’re bringing Google Calendar to the iPad.

Hỗ trợ Calender trên iPad cho doanh nghiệp

With the new app, you’ll get all the Calendar features you know and love, now optimized for iPad. Use

Calendar’s machine intelligence-powered features to:

  •   Find a time and book a room. Get everyone together faster for meetings. With smart scheduling, ​  Calendar suggests meeting times and available rooms based on your team’s  availability and room preferences.
  •   Set Goals and achieve them. Add a goal and Calendar will intelligently schedule time for it so you can​        

stick to it.

Plus, you can search your Calendar easily from the iPad home screen with Spotlight Search. Stay tuned for more updates, like a Today View Widget​  to easily see your upcoming events in the Notification Center and on​   the lock screen (coming soon!).


Source: Gimasys


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