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External email response alerts to minimize information leakage

Gmail's new privacy feature will warn G Suite users when replying to emails sent from an external domain and not in their contact list. This feature can help businesses combat phishing emails, as well as the common user error of sending emails to the wrong contacts.


How it works

  • When a user presses reply in Gmail, Google will scan the list of recipients, including addresses in CC and BCC. If the recipient is an out-of-company address and is not in Contacts, Google will display a warning.
  • Google recognizes subdomains and alias domains as the primary domain, so users won't be warned when sending emails to addresses belonging to the company's subdomains.
  • If the recipient is alerted, the user can turn off the alert and continue to reply. Google will no longer show this alert to this recipient.
  • External response alerts are set up on the Admin console under Advanced Gmail Settings and are running by default. It can be enabled or disabled by organizational unit or for the entire domain.
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