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Should I Use Cheap G Suite?

Although announced on the official Google page about 03 packages G Suite ( G Suite basic, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise) with accompanying features and fees, but many Vietnamese businesses when choosing an application are still confused with the different costs. Many businesses even receive information about G Suite service packages at a very low cost outside of the above packages of Google. So in addition to 03 packages business email service G Suite above, does Google have another free version or a cheap version?

Google's G Suite Service

Within the scope of this article, as a partner of Google Cloud in Vietnam, we will provide more information about Google's G Suite service packages and the risks when businesses use G Suite packages outside 03 The package is officially announced on the Google homepage.


Previously, customers only knew about G Suite Basic (Google Apps for Business) with a single service package, in 2014 Google released an additional version of G Suite Business (Google Apps Unlimited) with unlimited storage. with Google Vault for backing up user data. Not stopping there, in early 2017, Google announced the addition of the most advanced service package with outstanding features in terms of security, working together with the name G Suite Enterprise.


You should take a look at the main features of the genuine Gsuite plan here to be able to distinguish from fake Gsuite packages floating in the market.


Is there a cheap G Suite?


Along with 03 official paid service packages, Google also offers free G Suite for educational institutions. In addition, businesses can also use it for free with a limited version of storage and users, called G Suite Standard.


At different times, businesses and individuals can register the number of users specified by Google or supported by Google with the required number of accounts up to 5000 accounts for the Standard version or 20,000 accounts. version for Education.




As of December 2012, Google has G Suite Standard edition discontinued. Previously registered businesses and individuals will continue to use it without paying fees or being forced to switch to a paid service plan to maintain the service.

In Vietnam, many businesses and individuals, after registering for G Suite Standard or G Suite for education, did not use them for their business. make the sale at a much lower price compared to official Google G suite service plans. For example, the picture we took below of a party selling Google's unofficial G suite service.


price list g suite

What's your problem with cheap G Suite plans?

Businesses that buy these emails are committed to them by service providers to use genuine services from Google at a lower cost, one-time payment, but do not tell them the potential risks. behind when activating this service.

So what are the risks if businesses use G Suite but not the official versions of Google?


  • These domains will be serviced by Google, all data will be deleted from the system and Google refuses to restore the data in any way when Google discovers that the domain name's G Suite has been purchased, resold or used. does not match the original registered business information. Explaining that on Google, these individuals and organizations are profiting from Google's free products that are not owned by them. And infringing on Google Terms of Service.
  • Enterprise data and information are not secure or may be interfered with by a 3rd party because they do not hold the highest administrative rights for the G Suite service. Or are transferred domain administration rights but at risk of losing it because the original registration belongs to individuals and resellers.
  • Any dispute or risk related to the use of this version will not be supported by Google (only you and the G Suite Standard provider are mutually committed to each other).
  • Google does not commit to maintaining the Standard plan forever.
  • You can upgrade to a paid plan when you need to upgrade your storage or the initial number of users exceeds Google's initial quota.

To choose the right service pack and avoid the above risks when deploying G Suite, businesses should directly contact the service providers. Google's official partner in Vietnam. To receive the best advice as well as the reputation guaranteed by Google.


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