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New categories and languages for templates in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

What’s new: Google knows how valuable templates are to a company – they save employees valuable time, ensure their documents look professional, and show consistency across document types. documents sent by the company. That's why Google spent the last few months of the year working with its partners to develop templates into four new categories:


1. Templates Project Management in Sheet, associate with Smartsheet


Docs templates


Docs template


2. Templates Sell in Docs, Cooperation with PandaDoc


sales templates


sale template


3. Templates Human Resource Management (HR) in Docs, in collaboration with Zenefits


HR template


HR template


4. The tamplates Freelancer Engagement in Docs, associate with Upwork


Freelance templates


freelancer template


Currently, these templates are only available in English and on the website.

Although the new templates above are only available in English, Google's templates are now available in several other languages, including Hindi (hi), German (de), Indonesian (in), Japanese (ja) ), Dutch (nl), and Chinese (zh-CN)… These localized version forms will be available in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web.


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