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Easily enable or disable applications in the Admin console

What’s new: Controlling enterprise settings as well as parts of the enterprise is an important part of G Suite admin. Google has made changes to the application settings in the Admin console.


Now when moving to Apps > G Suite, you'll be able to list your most important G Suite apps with a cleaner display. Also on this page, you'll see a panel on the left side where you can choose between managing apps. at the level of the whole organization (all organization) or only at the level of the department (Specific Organizational Unit)


Admin console


If you select Specific Organizational Unit in the left panel and hover over an application, you will see two options:


Off (override): This selection disconnects the application from the department, and overriding the ON/OFF setting is performed at the parent organizational level.

Inherit: This selection uses the ON/OFF setting set at the parent organization level for departments (the ON/OFF setting designated at the OU's parent organization level).


The other way around, if you go to the page to view the details of an application and go to change the ON/OFF setting to “On for some organization”, you will see a new interface showing the service status with the option change in settings. From there, you can easily tap the upper left part of the screen to go back to any page on the Admin console.


Admin console


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