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Easily create, delete, and change X.509 certificates using the same SAML application

What’s changing: SAML uses X.509 authentication to ensure the authenticity and integrity of information sent between the Identity Provider (IdP) and the Service Provider (SP). These are the certificates that are attached to your SAML application when you first install them through the Admin console and have a shelf life of 5 years. Once this authentication expires, a user will not be able to sign in to related SAML applications based on the SAML platform.


To change an application's existing certificate (for example, when it is about to expire or has been changed in some way), an administrator can "rotate" it. As before, you can do this with help from Google Support, but with this launch you can do it yourself in the Admin console, where you can quickly see the credentials being used and determine which certificate is about to expire, create a new one and attach it to different applications.



Please remember that only the super admin (super admin) can see the status (expired or not) of SAML certificates and take actions on them.


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