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Dedicated Hangouts Meet IP addresses


What’s changing

We’re adding a range of official, fixed IP addresses to be used exclusively for classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet in G Suite domains. That means that you can identify video conference traffic used in G Suite and deprioritize Hangouts traffic from consumer accounts. This can help you better configure and optimize network and firewall access.


Who’s impacted


Admins and network operators only


Why you’d use it


Hangouts Meet IP addresses allow you to recognize the G Suite video conference traffic. Use the IPs to:

  • Open Meet’s TCP and UDP ports for Meet IPs
  • Avoid tunneling or DPI for Meet IPs
  • Reduce latency by providing the shortest path possible to the internet for Meet traffic

Hangouts meet


How to get started

  • End users:  No end user impact.


Additional information


Hangouts Meet and classic Hangouts will stop using the old IP address on February 14, 2019.  As this change might interfere with previous network optimization you might have set up, we recommend adopting these IP addresses as part of your firewall and network configuration.


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