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Address, phone and contact information will be converted into links in Gmail and Inbox

What’s new: Gmail users often exchange information such as addresses, phone books with each other to schedule meetings, introduce colleagues or plan events. However, just copying and pasting information from an email to another application or website will also cost you a lot of your precious time. For that reason, this time around, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail on Android and iOS devices as well as on the web will start converting information from text to hyperlinks every time they detect a phone number, address, or box name. mail in each email.



How it works

When clicking on the link containing the address (work, home, amusement park ...) users will see the Google Map interface opened. When clicking on an email address, users will see a new email compose section appear, using their default email address. Finally, when using a mobile device and tapping the phone number, the user initiates a call request using the default calling application.



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