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Dynamic email in Gmail (beta)


What’s changing

We’re opening a beta program for dynamic email in Gmail. Dynamic email allows email senders to embed AMP into messages themselves, making them more actionable and updating them with the most current information.


Who’s impacted

Admins and end users


Why you’d use it

Dynamic emails make emails more useful and interactive in Gmail. Your emails can stay up to date so you’re always seeing the freshest information, like seeing the latest comment threads from Docs, or taking actions, like filling out forms, or replying to comments inline directly from within the message itself.



How to get started

  • Admins: Dynamic email in Gmail Beta is available as an opt-in to all G Suite customers. Admins can opt-in to the beta by going to the Admin console and navigating to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > User settings. Here they will be able to select the option to Enable dynamic email.
  • End users: Once dynamic email is activated in the Admin console, users will begin seeing dynamic emails from senders who have adopted AMP for Email.



Additional details

This feature is currently only available in Gmail on the web, with mobile coming soon. Email senders who wish to send dynamic emails must register with Google before their messages appear for end users. Check out the Help Center for more information on how dynamic email works with Vault.


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