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Featured launch: Spelling and grammar improvements in Docs


Quick launch summary: Earlier this year we introduced a beta for new grammar suggestions in Google Docs. Now we’re making this feature available for G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users*.


The new features enhance existing spell check functions and highlight possible grammatical errors in your text. We’re also introducing a revamped interface for reviewing spelling and grammar suggestions which makes it faster and easier to spot and correct errors in your text.


Some improvements you’ll see are:



  • Grammar


      • Possible grammar corrections will be underlined in blue. To see a suggested correction or dismiss the alert, simply right-click.
      • You will also see possible grammar errors when running a spelling and grammar check through the Tools menu.


  • New language review interface


    • You can easily review all language suggestions for your document with the updated spelling and grammar check tool. Access it through the “Tools” menu or right-click on a suggestion and select “Review more suggestions” — you’ll see each suggestion and actions to correct any errors.


Google Docs gợi ý chỉnh sửa lỗi chính tả


To learn more about how we’re using machine learning to recognize errors and suggest corrections to improve your writing, see here.

*While this feature is not yet generally available for G Suite Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, they can continue to apply for the beta of this feature


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