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G Suite News 9/2020


Google Docs mobile improvements: link previews and Smart Compose

Google is improving the Android and iOS experiences for Google Docs users with two new features are now available on mobile as well…


Timelines and tools for transition from classic to new Google Sites

Google announced that they would replace classic Sites with new Sites, and in 2019 they announced that domains will have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition…


Block Google Meet participants from knocking again

Google is making two changes to “knocking” (requesting to join a meeting) in Google Meet to reduce disruptions in education meetings…


Enable the new integrated experience in G Suite across the web, Android, and iOS

Google recently announced a new integrated workspace that brings your favorite G Suite apps closer together to Gmail on the web, Android and iOS…


Limit Google Drive sharing to specific groups use target audiences

admins more influence over who their users share files with, and helps to protect organizational data by reducing the potential for accidental oversharing of files…




Source: Gimasys


Update and support center for administrator and user