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G Suite Newsletter 08/2018


In this launch, Google has brought you an important announcement regarding data regions to store your business data. In addition, Google has been taking advantage of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to make G Suite apps become much more convenient and useful for your employees.


G Suite news


icon Featured launch: Choose the regions where your data is stored

Our globally distributed data centers reduce latency for multinational organizations and protect their data with geo redundancy. Some organizations, however, have requirements around where their data is stored, and we’re committed to meeting their needs…. See more


icon Propose a new meeting time in Google Calendar

Rescheduling in Google Calendar just got easier. We’re introducing a new feature that enables more efficient meeting scheduling. Now, each guest invited to a meeting can propose a new time and the organizer can easily review and accept time proposals. This allows for richer communication between attendees, reduces time spent on meeting practicalities… See more


icon New grammar suggestions in Google Docs launching to Early Adopter Program

We’re introducing grammar suggestions in Google Docs along with a revamped interface for spelling and grammar review. The new features build on the existing spell check functionality to also highlight possible grammar errors… See more


icon New intelligent search box in Google Drive

We’re improving how search works in Google Drive. When you click in the search box, you’ll now see a range of options. Click on an option to quickly perform a search with a relevant filter applied…. See more


icon Let Google Calendar intelligently suggest rooms for your meetings

Earlier this year, we announced a new feature in Google Calendar that, using Google AI, can automatically suggest rooms for your meetings based on the locations of the guests. We’ve now released this feature along with new and easier ways to update the main work locations for users in your domain….. See more


icon Migration to the new Google Forms UI starting August 22nd

In September 2015, we launched a new interface for Google Forms designed to simplify the form creation experience, produce beautiful forms by default, and make analyzing form responses easier…… See more


icon Update: new Google sign-in screen

Last month, we announced a new look for the Google sign-in screen. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delays, we rolled out the new design the week of July 17th with some minor changes…… See more


icon New Gmail now generally available

We launched an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the new Gmail in April to help businesses work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. We’re now making the new Gmail generally available so that more businesses can take advantage of its innovative features, like snooze, nudging, offline access, and more…… See more


icon Triage and remediate threats with new investigation tool in G Suite security center EAP

We’re launching an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a new “investigation tool” in the G Suite security center. It will help G Suite admins and security analysts identify, triage, and remediate security threats within their organization…… See more


icon G Suite: View additional activities for managed devices in the devices audit log

The devices audit log in the Admin console provides a report on the activities of managed mobile and desktop devices in your organization….. See more


icon Protect your users with the latest G Suite login challenge: employee ID

We’re always looking for new ways to keep your users’ accounts secure and your organization’s data safe. As part of that effort, users may now be asked to verify their identity by providing their employee ID when they sign in to their G Suite account…. See more.


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