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G Suite Newsletter 09/2018


With this launch, Google added a quick-access side panel on Google Calendar, as well as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides. This feature has been popular with the new Gmail and helps your users quickly complete their task without leaving current tab. In addition, Google also brings a number of feature for Gmail so G Suite admin can easily monitor and help secure user accounts.


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icon Use quick-access side panel to do more from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more

We’re adding a quick-access side panel to the Docs editors and Google Calendar to help you quickly access other G Suite products without leaving what you’re working on. A similar side panel has been a popular feature of the new Gmail, and we hope that this integration will help you work more efficiently within and across G Suite… See more


icon Docs Activity dashboard now available to all G Suite users

We’re making the Activity dashboard feature available to all G Suite users. Previously this feature was not fully available to G Suite Basic customers…. See more


icon React with emojis in Hangouts Chat

You can now use emoji reactions to respond to any Hangouts Chat message. Reactions allow you to quickly and creatively react to any message to show support, humor or empathy. For example, you can use them to celebrate good news, acknowledge a request, take a quick poll, and more…. See more


icon Create better looking sites more quickly with section layouts in new Google Sites

We’re adding section layouts to the new Google Sites. You can use these layouts to quickly design pages or sections of pages on your site. This makes it even easier and quicker to create professional-looking websites using the new Sites….. See more


icon Easily add buttons to improve links in new Google Sites

We’re making it easy to add buttons to the new Google Sites. These are clickable graphics which link to other content within your site or at an external URL. Users often click on buttons more frequently than they click on in-line hyperlinks, so they are a good way to guide people to important content…. See more


icon Disable conversation view in the Gmail mobile apps

In Gmail, replies to emails are grouped together as “conversations,” to make them easier to digest and follow. Some users, however, prefer to see each of their emails listed individually in their inbox. This is possible on the web by toggling “Conversation View” off in the Settings menu….. See more


icon New insights into user account security with G Suite admin reports

We’re adding new tools to help admins identify suspicious activity and see the impact of security policy changes. G Suite admins have an important role in protecting their users’ accounts and ensuring their organization’s security…… See more


icon Manage meeting rooms efficiently with automatic room release and room insights

We want to help organizations make the best use of their space. To do that, we’re consolidating all features related to managing buildings and resources in a single dedicated place in the Admin console….. See more


icon Increased visibility into rate-limiting in Gmail

A malicious attack or misconfiguration can contribute to an unusually high rate of incoming email. To protect your users, Gmail monitors this incoming email rate and, when it reaches certain email receiving limits, automatically rejects messages to impacted accounts…. See more


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