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G Suite Newsletter 11/2018


In this month, Google has announced several updates related to G Suite Alert Center. Organization admin will receive alert by default when Google believes that your users are target by government-backed attacks. Besises, a new role in Team Drives also come to effect – Content manager. Together with updates in Google Docs, Sldies, Sheets, you would want to explore what’s in it that helps boost your organization productivity.


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icon Featured launch: Compose Actions in Gmail Add-ons now available

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to attach a doc, insert an image or paste data from another app in an email? Now keep that hand up if that process took more time than you would have liked. You are not alone…. See more


icon Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook available

We’ve built a Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook to help Outlook users schedule Meet meetings. This add-in allows you to create a new Meet video meeting in your Outlook event or email. Simply install the add-in, and tap on the Meet icon to automatically insert video conferencing details and info on how… See more


icon Non-Google Calendar users will now always receive update notifications via email

To make sure all attendees see the most up-to-date event information, we’re changing how Google Calendar communicates event updates to meeting attendees who don’t use Google Calendar. Specifically, users who don’t use Calendar will now always be sent an email when… See more


icon View emails from multiple accounts at once in the Gmail iOS app

You can view email from multiple accounts, be it your work or personal, G Suite or non-G Suite (even third-party IMAP accounts), in the Gmail iOS app. But you’ve traditionally needed to toggle between different inboxes to do so…. See more


icon Easily add images and charts from other files to Google Docs and Slides

The Explore feature in Google Docs and Slides makes it simple to search for Google Drive files related to whatever you’re currently working on. With this launch, G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users can view images and charts in those files—right from within the Explore panel—and insert them quickly and easily into… See more


icon Vertical ruler improves table management in Google Docs

In response to user feedback, we’re adding a vertical ruler in Google Docs on the web that will help you manipulate tables and control the margins in headers and footers… See more


icon New interface for Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

We’re updating the interface of Activity dashboard in the Google Docs editors. The options and settings available won’t change, but we hope the new interface makes it easier to find data and collaborate more effectively. … See more


icon New Team Drives role and names, plus a migration update

In September, we told you that a new “Content manager” role was coming soon to Team Drives. We also provided an optional role migration to help organizations take full advantage of the new role. See details of that announcement here…. See more


icon Alert center for G Suite generally available to help identify security threats

We’re making the alert center for G Suite generally available. The alert center provides a single, comprehensive view of essential security-related notifications, alerts, and actions across G Suite. The alert center was previously available in beta and helps G Suite organizations detect threats and take action to mitigate them…. See more


icon Alerts for government-backed attacks sent by default starting October 10th

In August, we launched the option for G Suite admins to receive a security alert if we believed their users were being targeted by a government-backed attack. At the time, admins had to explicitly enable these alerts. We heard that many admins weren’t aware of this alert and so weren’t receiving this critical information… See more


icon Get Google sign-in prompts on all of your phones

Instead of using a 2-Step Verification code to sign in to your G Suite account, you can tap a prompt that Google sends to your phone. This prompt is an easier and even more secure way of authenticating your account, and it respects mobile policies enforced on G Suite employee devices…. See more


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