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Get a unified view of essential notifications with the alert center beta


What’s new: This month, we launched the alert center for G Suite in beta*. The alert center will offer a single, comprehensive view of essential notifications, alerts, and actions across G Suite. In response to these, admins can take actions to better serve and protect their organizations.


The alert center: a single place for important notifications


The unified view that the alert center provides will help admins manage alerts more efficiently, and provide insights that help them assess their organization’s exposure to security issues at the domain and user levels. In addition, G Suite Enterprise edition domains can use the G Suite security center for integrated remediation of issues surfaced by alerts.


G Suite Alert Center


A sample view of the new G Suite alert center


Notifications within the alert center can be broadly categorized into three groups: security threats, monitoring, and critical system alerts. At the beta launch, the alert center will include these specific alerts:

  • Google Operations – provides information about G Suite security and privacy issues that Google is investigating that may impact your organization’s G Suite services.
  • Gmail phishing and spam – reports spikes in user-reported phishing, including links to samples and the list of recipients that are affected.
  • Mobile device management – provides information on devices that are exhibiting suspicious behavior or have been compromised (available on G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise editions)


Beta program for the alert center now open


We’re excited to open a beta program to let G Suite customers try and provide feedback on the alert center functionality. The beta is available to all G Suite customers. G Suite super admins may apply with their primary domain on behalf of their organizations. Apply to join the beta here.


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