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Google Apps for Work is now G Suite


A new name that better reflects our mission


All around the world, business is filling up with busyness. Employees today are more plugged-in than ever before, but technology too often gets in the way of turning ideas into game changers. For businesses, sharing and communicating has gotten complicated and often happens in silos. The bigger the company, the bigger the challenge.


But what if technology lived up to its promise for us at work? What if it helped us cut through the noise so we could work together to focus on what matters?


We created Google Apps for Work ten years ago (back when it was Google Apps for Your Domain) to do just that—to help people everywhere work and innovate together, so businesses can move faster and go bigger.


On September 29th, 2016, along with the announcement of Google Cloud, we introduced a new name for Google Apps for Work that better reflects this mission: G Suite.


G Suite is a set of intelligent apps—Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more—designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start. And there’s a lot more on the way.  Because we believe that when organizations break down silos, connect people and empower them to work together, we get the speed, agility and impact needed to compete in today’s market.


So in the spirit of teamwork, we partnered with some of our favorite illustrators from around the world to bring our ideas to life with their iconic creativity.


A new name that better reflects our mission

A new name that better reflects our mission 2


With G Suite, information can flow freely between devices, apps, people, and teams, so great ideas never get left in the margins again. Imagine the future for your business, if this was how it could be…

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