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Google Cloud News 5/2020


Easy access to stream analytics with SQL, real-time AI, and more

Balancing the development of modern, high-value streaming pipelines with maintaining and optimizing cost-saving batch workflows is an important goal for a lot of teams. At Google Cloud, Google is launching new capabilities to help developers and ops teams easily access stream analytics.


How Cloud AI is helping during COVID-19

From sifting through huge research datasets to finding potential treatments, to more accurately forecasting the spread of the disease, to powering virtual agents to answer questions about COVID-19, AI is helping all kinds of organizations. In this post, we’ll look at a few ways we’re trying to help out.


Providing transparency into government requests for enterprise data

Google Cloud is committed to being transparent about when governments request our enterprise customers’ data. Today, to continue our company-wide efforts to build trust through transparency, Google published its semi-annual Requests for user information transparency report.



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Update and support center for administrator and user