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Google is looking at ways to improve encryption with “Key Transparency” permissions

Key Transparency

With centralization and use of information on the internet or through a web browser or an application on our phones, where it is important that everyone's personal data remains safe and of course privacy must be ensured. To do this, companies and developers are implementing coding into their programs. The problem, according to Google, is that there is no easy to use, generic way to identify and authenticate users' public encryption keys...


Key Transparency is Google's answer to this problem. With this project, Google will make it available to authenticate and make secure connections even through untrusted servers. To do this, Key Transparency is being generated lookup data with a profile of the user's public encryption key and authenticated "Online personas". In addition, there will be a public log of all changes to records, which is supposed to ensure anti-theft.


To make this generic solution work, the individual records must be publicly accessible. Fortunately, the only way to find a specific user's information is by submitting a search for a unique ID.


Last month, Google announced the Wycheproof project to help combat cryptographic vulnerabilities found in programs. With Key Transparency, Google hopes it will be easier for developers to authenticate users and establish an encrypted and secure connection with them.


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