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Google G Suite Newsletter 04/2019


iconDynamic email in Gmail (beta)

We’re opening a beta program for dynamic email in Gmail. Dynamic email allows email senders to embed AMP into messages themselves, making them more actionable and updating…Read more


iconLaunching new Google Drive / Microsoft Outlook integration, shutting down legacy plugin

We’re updating Drive File Stream to replace the functionality of the “Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office.” As a result, the outdated plugin will be shut down…Read more


iconRecurring Calendar meetings will migrate to Hangouts Meet video

As part of the migration from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet that we announced last year, we’ll now begin migrating the video conferencing for your recurring Calendar events…Read more


iconDelete your conversation history in Hangouts Chat

You’ll now be able to delete your conversation history of 1:1 direct messages in Hangouts Chat. These deletions apply to 1:1 conversations between classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat…Read more


iconWork smarter with the new Priority page in Drive

We’re launching a new Priority page in Drive as a new way to help you stay focused and get work done. This page will help you access the files you need through a combination of suggestions…Read more


iconNew Drive file suggestions in Chrome launching in beta

We’re launching a beta program for a new feature that allows users to search for Google Drive files that they have access to when using the Chrome Omnibox…Read more


iconThreading changes in Gmail conversation view

We are launching some changes to how Gmail threads messages when you have conversation view turned on. Previously, Gmail would thread together messages…Read more


iconTake action faster with customizable swipe actions in Gmail on iOS

You can now set up swipe actions in Gmail on iOS to do any of the following actions: Archive, Trash, Mark as read/unread, Snooze, and Move to…Read more


iconNew 2-Step Verification options for G Suite accounts

We’re updating how 2-Step Verification works for G Suite. This will make new 2-Step Verification methods available for some devices, and update the 2-Step Verification user interface…Read more


iconAn updated plan & resources for upcoming changes to Groups settings

Based on your feedback following our previous announcement, Changes to Google Groups settings starting May 6, 2019, we’re making the following changes…Read more


iconManage Google Group members and settings more easily in the Admin console

We’re making it even easier to manage Google Groups through the G Suite Admin console. The new improvements include…Read more


iconKeep data secure with Gmail confidential mode (beta)

We’re opening a beta program for Gmail confidential mode. With confidential mode, it’s easier to protect sensitive content in your emails by creating expiration dates or revoking…Read more




Update and support center for administrator and user