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Google Meet now gives you more space for content and control over layouts for a more flexible experience.


What’s changing

Inspired by your feedback, Google is rolling out a refreshed Google Meet desktop/laptop experience with updates to video feeds, the viewing and presenting experience, and the bottom bar.


Video feeds

  • Hover over your video feed for options between a tile in the grid or a floating picture. You can also resize, reposition, and hide it to concentrate on the call.
  • Your self-view appears in the bottom right of the grid to put more video feeds at eye-level as you look into the camera.


Viewing and presenting experience

  • See what you are presenting while in Google Meet.
  • Unpin the content you or others share to see more and larger video feeds.
  • Participant names are always visible regardless of meeting size.


Bottom bar

  • Meeting dial-in codes, attachments, the participants list, chat, and other activities are at the bottom right to create more vertical space for seeing people and content.
  • Controls are consolidated in one place with descriptions available upon hover.
  • Leave call button is moved away from the microphone and camera buttons to prevent accidental call hang-ups.
  • Bottom bar is always visible, while not covering cover captions and bottom video feeds.


Other visual updates include

  • When someone speaks, their tile is outlined in blue.
  • Mute indicators are subdued to reduce visual distraction.
  • When there are more participants than can be shown on the grid, a tile is added so you always remember who’s on the call.

Google Meet: cải thiện bố cục và nội dung để cuộc họp trở nên linh hoạt hơn

Unpin shared content



Google Meet: cải thiện bố cục và nội dung để cuộc họp trở nên linh hoạt hơn

Hide your own self-feed


Who’s impacted

End users


Why you’d use it

Enjoy a simpler, more flexible experience that lets you participate with confidence in Google Meet calls as a presenter, attendee, teacher or student, knowing you have more control over your video feed, layouts, and content.


Additional details

  • Users will see a banner before joining a call that says “Meet has a new look” when this refreshed user interface is enabled for them.
  • Use of Chrome extensions (including the Grid View extension) could impact your experience. Uninstalling any extensions that interact with Google Meet could resolve this.
  • For better presentations and to avoid mirroring, share a different window or a specific tab instead of the meeting window.
  • In some cases, your self-view could appear with gray bars at the top and bottom to show you everything your camera sees. Other participants might see a cropped version of your video feed.


Getting started

Admins: There is no admin control for this feature.

End users: This feature will be ON for everyone.


Rollout pace

Rapid Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on May 3, 2021

Scheduled Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on May 17, 2021



  • Available to all Workspace users. Also available if you’re using Google Meet with a personal Google account.




Source: Gimasys


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