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Vietnamese businesses are supported to convert to Google Apps for Work for free


From June 2016, Gimasys company will be the representative in Vietnam to implement Google's Mid Market campaign with the aim of supporting businesses in technology transformation. Mid Market Campaign is a program for businesses that have not used the product yet Google Apps for Work (with core applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive...) a favorable opportunity for technology transformation. The specific policies in the program are as follows:


The benefits of technology transformation:

   • Use Google Apps for Work for free until your current email system provider's commitment expires.

   • Free deployment and training to use Google Apps for Work.


Conditions for businesses to receive incentives:

   • Enterprises with email users from 100 to 3000 accounts.

   • Commit to using Google Apps for Work for at least 1 year after the free period ends.


Google Apps for Work is a set of collaborative work applications, still known as Google's Email system with business domain names, the most widely known application is Gmail. Therefore, the conversion will be done in the form of replacing the old email system with the business Gmail system so that users can not only use a more advanced email system, but can also work collaboratively. through the included office applications.


Mid - Market - Campaign -Google-Apps-for-Work (1)


This preferential policy is provided by Google with the aim of popularizing cloud computing technology for business email solution more widely around the world, especially in developing countries like Vietnam. Cloud computing technology is an advanced solution in data storage and analysis, with flexible scalability and shrinking capabilities, low operating costs, high security and processing volume. work much more powerful than the traditional form of server hosting. In countries that have not yet developed information technology solutions like Vietnam, it is necessary to switch to using advanced technologies provided by big companies in the world like Google to keep pace with the world. new business operating trends.    

The source: Google for Work Vietnam

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